Women are Watching

Just completed this kick-off video for Planned Parenthood's Women are Watching campaign. Created entirely in After Effects. Produced by 76 Words.

“Drop the Curtain”

Created this internet spot in one day entirely in After Effects. Produced by 76 Words.

Biz Markie shoot for Pro-Keds

I shot this for Pro-Keds a few months back. Shot on a Sony Z1U. PRO-Keds x Biz Markie from PRO Keds on Vimeo.

New Blood, Boobs & Beast trailer

I recently edited this brand new trailer for my documentary film Blood, Boobs & Beast. This trailer expands the narrative a bit more than the previous trailer and highlights some of the reviews, festivals and awards.

Shoot for Georgetown Law

Shot this video on my new Canon 7D for Georgetown Law. Edited by the very talented Steven Greenstreet.

Shoot for Cintas

I shot the footage to this video, which was produced by Rubin Communications. Shot on a Sony Z1U.

The Suite Life

Edited and created the motion graphics for this video yesterday for quick release on the web today. Produced by Matt Erickson and Sarah Flowers.

Hal Saunders: Honoring a Legacy

Worked closely with clients and producer to shoot and edit this short video aimed at honoring former diplomat Hal Saunders, as well as introducing people to the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue. Produced by Danny Rubin.

Remembering Don Leifert

Just edited this tribute video for actor Don Leifert.

NVLP Highlights Reel

Here's a quick video I put together in After Effects for the National Visionary Leadership Project

“Real Jims” support Tarryl Clark for Congress

Recently edited this spot for Laguens Kully Klose Partners. We rough cut it in Final Cut Pro, then transferred the project to After Effects where we completed the final editing and motion graphics. Produced by Christopher Klose.

New Peter Shumlin campaign ad

This is an alternate version of the previous Shumlin ad. Now it includes quotes from a new endorsement. The entire spot needed to be edited for both play in 16:9 and a 4:3 crop. Produced by Christopher Klose.

New spot for Vermont Governor

I recently edited this spot for a candidate running for Vermont Governor. Produced by Christopher Klose.

Motion Graphics for Global Zero

Here is a video for Global Zero that I did the all the motion graphics for. Edited by Steven Greenstreet.