The Search for Smilin’ Ed

The Search for Smilin’ Ed (2010, 3 min.) Shot, edited and created motion graphics to promote graphic novel by cartoonist legend Kim Deitch.

Texas Bus Tour

(2013, 2 min.) Shot and edited these videos while on the Stand With Texas Women Bus Tour. Filmed using 5D Mark III, Canon 7D and Canon 60D. Edited in Final Cut Pro.

The Suite Life

The Suite Life (2011, 1 min) Edited and created the motion graphics for this video in one day for quick release on the web the next day. Produced by Matt Erickson and Sarah Flowers.

Remembering Don Leifert

Remembering Don Leifert (2010, 1 min.) Shot and edited internet video to honor the passing of b-movie legend Don Leifert.

The Battle for Sojourner

The Battle for Sojourner (2009, 3 min.) Worked independently with footage to create short documentary about event for use on non-profit’s YouTube channel, podcasts and website. Video was licensed by the Congressional Black Caucus to screen at their annual event.